Best answer: Is North West London posh?

Across the map in West London, where most of the city’s wealthiest residents live, ‘posh’ is the word. … North London is also apparently the intellectual part of town. The area – which has been home to Stephen Fry, Geri Halliwell and Michael Foot – is cultured, but past its prime.

Which side of London is the best?

South London is one of the best places to live if you want to balance the buzz of city life with more peaceful scenery. With an abundance of parks and plenty of stylish hangouts, the south side of the Thames is ideal for young professionals.

Is NW London safe?

It’s often regarded as one of the safest areas in London. With a quiet community feel, it’s not an area which has much in the way of nightlife, and its affluence means many of the larger houses in the region are gated, providing extra security.

Is North London better than South London?

“North London is historically older, the architecture is nicer and areas are significantly better developed. With this comes a wealth of attractions that you won’t find in South. A wealth of different restaurants, an abundance of museums and parks.”

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Is West London rich?

West London is nearly five times wealthier than anywhere else in UK – beating the Brussels elite to the top-spot in European wealth stats. … The Notting Hill set is also the most affluent in Europe: their GDP per capita is more than six times the continental average of €27,500.

Which part of London is most dangerous?

According to records, the most dangerous areas in London are:

  • Westminster (Total Number of Crimes: 49,400; Crime Rate per 1,000 People: 195.78)
  • Camden (Total Number of Crimes: 28,423; Crime Rate per 1,000 People: 112.51)
  • Kensington and Chelsea (Total Number of Crimes: 24,436; Crime Rate per 1,000 People: 109.01)


Where should I not live in London?

Top 10 Worst Places to Live In London

  • Brixton. Don’t get me wrong I love Brixton. …
  • London Borough of Hounslow. Hounslow used to be great borough, but now it’s now crap. …
  • Peckham. Absolutely love living here! …
  • Tottenham. …
  • Newham. …
  • Edmonton. …
  • West Croydon. …
  • Harlesden.

What are the safest areas in London?

1: Richmond upon Thames: 11,336 crimes – 56.68 per 1,000

Still number one for London’s lowest crime rate, Richmond is the safest place to live in the capital. This perhaps isn’t so surprising, since it feels more like a calm, welcoming village than a London borough.

What are the safest neighborhoods in London?

The 5 safest places to live in London

  • Richmond. The Borough of Richmond upon Thames in south west London is one of the capital’s most wonderful areas. …
  • Bexley. The Borough of Bexley in south east London has plenty of green space, including Danson Park and Foots Cray Meadows. …
  • Kingston upon Thames. …
  • Sutton. …
  • Harrow.
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Where is the safest place to live in the UK?

Liverpool has been crowned the safest city in the UK for families to live in, thanks to its sense of security, low crime rate and number of CCTV cameras.

Which part of London is the richest?


Knightsbridge is one of the poshest neighborhoods in the world. It is home to fashion stores, the world-renowned department store, Harrods, and banks that cater to wealthy individuals. Many of the world’s richest people call Knightsbridge home and it has some of the most expensive properties.

What is richer north or south London?

Typically, North London is more expensive than the south, largely because it incorporates more of Central London.

What is North London known for?

North London offers a host of other interesting attractions. Lord’s, the home of cricket, is found in leafy St John’s Wood. Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium is in Holloway. The British Library, the largest in the world, is in King’s Cross; its collection of rare books is unmissable.

Where should I live in west London?

Where to Live in West London

  • Kensington. Often considered one of London’s most desirable areas, there’s much more to Kensington than its museums and royal heritage. …
  • Fulham. …
  • Hammersmith. …
  • Shepherd’s Bush. …
  • Kew. …
  • Twickenham.


Is North West London Expensive?

The NW1 postal area, sometimes known as the North West Head district, is another of London’s most expensive areas to live. This region includes Baker Street, Regent’s Park, Euston, Camden Town and Somers Hill as well as parts of Marylebone, Primrose Hill and Lisson Grove.

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Is West London the best?

‘West is best’ goes the old London saying, and there are certainly more than enough reasons to believe this when choosing where to live in London. With beautiful parks, pretty architecture, good schools, plenty of culture and a ‘posh’ reputation, wealthy West London is high up on many wish lists.

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