Can you swim in Scotland in summer?

In the summer. Not in winter. Parts of the west coast of Scotland are warmed by the gulf stream so the water is sometimes quite warm. There are beaches in Aberdeen and Edinburgh but these are on the east coast so the water might be colder.

Can you swim in Scottish waters?

You can swim in the sea, but not in a beach…..

Where is the warmest water in Scotland?

Warmest beaches in Scotland

  • North Berwick Milsey Bay (Image: visitscotland)
  • Aberdour Silversands (Image: visitscotland)
  • Achmelvich Bay (Image: tripadvisor)
  • Newton Beach Millport (Image: visitscotland)
  • Coldingham (Image: tripadvisor)
  • St Ninians Isle (Image: wikicommons)
  • Prestwick beach (Image: visitscotland)


Where can I swim in Scotland?

Scotland’s Top 10 Wild Swimming Spots

  • Allt Daraich, Isle of Skye. …
  • River Feshie, Cairngorms. …
  • Glencoe Lochan. …
  • Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye. …
  • Tràigh Mhòr, Tolsta, Isle of Lewis. …
  • Sandwood Bay, Sutherland. …
  • Isle of Arran. …
  • Loch A’an, Cairngorms.
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Does Scotland have nice beaches?

Scotland’s natural wonders include majestic mountains; verdant glens; and deep, shimmering lochs. But the country is also celebrated for its fantastic beaches. … But whether you’re a seasoned beachgoer or an enthusiastic outdoor adventurer, Scotland’s brilliant sandy coastlines make ideal year-round getaway options.

Are there any sandy beaches in Scotland?

If you like your beaches sandy, blissful and full of family friendly activities, look no further than the town of Ayr’s coastline. Adjacent to the beach, there is a putting green, play area and crazy golf. Look across to the sea and enjoy the views across to Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran.

Is there a right to roam in Scotland?

The right to roam, embodied as a statutory right since 2005, allows everyone to access most land and inland water in Scotland for recreational and other purposes.

Where is warm in Scotland?

In general, the western coastal areas of Scotland are warmer than the east and inland areas, due to the influence of the Atlantic currents, and the colder surface temperatures of the North Sea. The highest official temperature recorded was 32.9 °C (91.2 °F) at Greycrook, on 9 August 2003.

How warm is the sea in Scotland?

Swimming in Scotland by month

Month sea temperature Details
Jul. 55°F to 58°F Sea temperature in Scotland in july
Aug. 56°F to 59°F Sea temperature in Scotland in august
Sep. 55°F to 59°F Sea temperature in Scotland in september
Oct. 54°F to 57°F Sea temperature in Scotland in october

Can you swim in Edinburgh Sea?

Portobello has been Edinburgh’s go-to swimming destination for decades! There was once an outdoor pool here, but even since it was filled in and concreted over, people still dipped in the sea. … Most people start their swim outside Portobello Swim Centre, getting changed at the nearby wooden groyne.

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Can you go swimming in Loch Ness?

First things first, we do not recommend you go wild swimming in Loch Ness. Apart from the small matter of Nessie lurking deep beneath the surface, the water is bitterly cold all year round – only around 5°C. In these low temperatures, you will quickly get hypothermia.

What do you need for wild swimming in Scotland?

A pile of warm clothes and a flask to hug after getting back on dry land are a must. You might even consider at wetsuit, or at least some neoprene gloves. Author Daniel Start has toured the country seeking out the best watery spots for his books Wild Swimming, Wild Beaches and Wild Scotland.

Can you swim at Loch Ness?

Loch Ness, the Highlands

While it’s possible to swim in Loch Ness all year round, we’d recommend only visiting in summer as the water can get down to a chilly 5 degrees in winter. If you need warming up after your swim, there’s a welcoming pub in Drumnadrochit nearby.

Are beaches private in Scotland?

11 The ownership of Scotland’s seabed and of much of its foreshore are ancient possessions of the Crown, where the legal presumption is that an area of seabed or foreshore is owned by the Crown unless there is evidence that it has been acquired by someone else.

What is the sea at the top of Scotland?

The Atlantic Ocean borders the west coast and the North Sea is to the east.

What is the most northern part of Scotland?

John o’Groats, village—near Dunnet Head, the northernmost point of mainland Great Britain—in the Highland council area, historic county of Caithness, Scotland.

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