How do I get from London to Gatwick by train?

Which London train station goes to Gatwick?

Three train services operate trains from London Victoria station to Gatwick Airport station. The Gatwick Express is the fastest of these and takes only 30 minutes from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport. Southern trains also run from London Victoria to Gatwick and Thameslink trains from London St Pancras.

Is Gatwick on the tube line?

People going to Gatwick Airport will be able to use their Oyster card from 11 January, as the station has been placed on the London Tube map for the first time. In the largest map ever released by TfL, the stations from Merstham to Gatwick Airport have been added.

How much is a train ticket to Gatwick?

Using Oyster & Visitor Oyster cards to/from Gatwick – key facts:

London – Gatwick Airport comparison of fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare*
Gatwick Express Train (Ticket on day) £19.90 £38.90
Gatwick Express Train (Advance online) £17.80 £34.70
Gatwick Express Train (Oyster) £19.80 £39.60
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How do I get from London to Gatwick Airport?

Transport for London

  1. The Gatwick Express non-stop train service to Victoria runs every 15 minutes with a journey time of 30 minutes. …
  2. Southern trains services operate four times an hour to Victoria via East Croydon and Clapham Junction with a journey time to Victoria of around 35 minutes.

How much is Oyster to Gatwick?

Currently, a single journey paper peak-time ticket costs £15.40 from London Terminals to Gatwick Airport (excluding Gatwick Express). With pay as you go, a rush hour trip will cost £14.00 and £8.00 off-peak.

Is there a train station in Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport has the best rail connections of any airport in Britain, linking passengers to 120 train stations directly and over 700 within just one change. The railway station is located at the South Terminal, just a short walk from both departures and arrivals.

Is Gatwick Airport in the Oyster zone?

Gatwick Airport is not be included in the advertised London Travelcard zones; instead it offers customers an alternative way to pay for their travel using PAYG. Season tickets will not be available on Oyster along the extended route.

Is there a tube from Gatwick to London?

The Gatwick Express is a direct train service into central London. Trains run every 15 minutes between Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal and London Victoria Station every day from 5am to 12.30am. The journey time is 30 minutes and the service is non-stop to Victoria station.

What tube zone is Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport to London Underground Zone 1-6 by train

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Distance miles ( km)
Departure station Gatwick Airport
Arrival station London Underground Zone 1-6

How much does it cost to get to Gatwick Airport?

London – Gatwick Airport comparison of fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare*
Gatwick Express Train (Ticket on day) £19.90 £38.90
Gatwick Express Train (Advance online) £17.80 £34.70
Gatwick Express Train (Oyster) £19.80 £39.60

How much is Oyster from Victoria to Gatwick?

A single adult fare from Victoria or London Bridge to Gatwick using Oyster costs £15.50 during peak times and £8.50 off peak. Peak travel for these companies is Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900.

Should I buy Gatwick Express tickets in advance?

If you need to travel earlier or later than planned there’s no need to worry. Anytime Day Return tickets give you complete flexibility around when you travel from London Victoria and Gatwick Airport and back, provided it’s on the same day.

How much is a taxi to Gatwick?

Estimated taxi fares: Gatwick to Central London

Vehicle Single Trip Return Trip
People Carrier (up to 6 passengers) £85/£95 £160
8 Seater Minibus (up to 8 passengers) £90/£100 £180
Executive People Carrier (up to 8 passengers) £100/£110 £200
16 Seater Minibus (12 or 16 passengers, depending on luggage) £180 £370

How much is the tube from Gatwick to London?

Gatwick Airport to London Victoria by train

There are normally 321 trains per day travelling from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria and tickets for this journey start from £12 when you book in advance.

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