How do you deal with tailgaters UK?

It’s better to slow down gradually with your foot off the juice. Then, if you do need to brake suddenly, the brake light should hopefully prompt the tailgater to take some evasive action. This won’t entirely eliminate the risk of getting rear-ended but at least there’ll be less damage at a slower speed.

How do you stop a tailgater UK?

Keep a steady speed so they may overtake. Alternatively, pull to the side of the road, or turn off at a petrol station, but only if it is safe to do so. Clearly signal… Ensure the tailgater has a clear idea of your intentions by signalling early and changing your speed well in advance of a turn off.

What are the 4 steps you can take to deal with tailgaters?

How to handle tailgaters on the road

  • Remain calm! …
  • Consider your own judgement of what is too close. …
  • Always know your local driving laws. …
  • Pull over and allow the vehicle behind you to pass, if it is safe to do so.
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Is tailgating illegal UK?

Tailgating is more than simply an annoyance or irresponsible driving, it is also illegal. Tailgating is classified by UK law as careless driving and is punishable with a £100 fine. It can even result in a ban or criminal prosecution if a severe accident is caused as a result.

Is it illegal to brake check a tailgater UK?

Is Brake Checking Illegal? Brake checking is highly illegal, it’s classed as dangerous driving which can carry up to a two year prison sentence and an unlimited fine.

Is tapping your brakes illegal?

Tapping your brake lights to get an impatient driver to back off is also not a good tactic. While not illegal (but check — there may be exceptions), when you tap your brake lights without actually braking, you are crying “wolf.” You are training the other driver not to take your brake lights seriously.

How do you annoy a tailgater?

IlPT: When robbing a house, bring some pictures of yourself in photo frames with you incase the police show up, or someone walking past investigates. If someone does, place them, then you can then say you lost your keys, etc. And point to the pictures as proof you ‘live’ there.

Why do drivers tailgate?

Drivers tailgate for many reasons: sometimes, they’re in a hurry. Or, maybe they’ve developed the bad habit of following too closely and don’t even notice anymore. Or worse, they could have a case of road rage.

What should you do if someone tailgates you?

The easiest thing to do if you have someone tailgating you is to pull over and let that person pass you. If it’s safe, just pull to the side of the road and allow whomever was following you to pass. Get back onto the road when you feel it safe to do so.

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Should you slow down when being tailgated?

When You Need to Brake, Take it Slow…

If you’re being tailgated, be extra cautious when you brake. Don’t slam on the brakes for no reason. Unless it’s an emergency braking situation, brake gently. You want the tailgater to see you slowing down in plenty of time for him or her to slow down, too.

Is tailgating allowed on a motorway?

Yes, because there is oncoming traffic. Yes, because all traffic moves in the one direction at the same time.

Can you report someone for tailgating UK?

Contact your local police force to tell them about the incident. Pull off the road to a safe location and call 101 to reach your local police force immediately. Tell the operator that you want to report dangerous or anti-social driving and that you have dashcam footage of the incident.

How do you prove tailgating?

Police officers are adept at determining whether tailgating was the cause of a rear end accident. They may also measure tire tracks your tires put on the road if you slammed your brakes before striking the car in front of you.

Are you at fault if someone brake checks you?

If you get into an accident with someone because that person brake checked you, do not admit fault. Call the police from the scene of the collision. Do not apologize to the other driver, but remain polite while you ask for his or her name and insurance information.

Should you brake check a tailgater?

While tailgating is illegal and obnoxious behavior, it is always best to try to find a way to pull over and allow the other driver to pass rather than brake check them. Again, a brake check immediately increases your risk of being involved in a rear-end accident. Worse yet, you could be found at fault for the accident.

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