How long is a British grass snake?

Grass snakes can grow to a maximum length of around 180cm, making it our largest native terrestrial reptiles. However they rarely reach this maximum size. The snakes do however regularly exceed lengths of one metre, with the females being larger than males.

How big do grass snakes grow?

Grass Snakes are quite timid, often feigning death if disturbed; alternatively they may excrete a foul-smelling liquid. They are our longest native snake and can reach 150cm. Adults up to 150 cm in length.

Are UK grass snakes dangerous?

Grass snakes are non venomous and pose no threat to humans. Grass snakes are the UK’s most common snake species.

Do grass snakes attack humans?

Although they may also strike with the head, they do not bite and are harmless to humans.

What does a grass snake look like UK?

Grass snakes are grey-green coloured with black bars down their sides and a yellow and black ‘collar’ around the neck. They are found throughout England and Wales, but not Scotland. They live close to water as they feed on amphibians and fish, so you might find them near garden ponds.

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What do I do if I find a grass snake?

Bring pets and children indoors (if the snake is still around), as they are the most at risk. Allow the snake to move through the garden – carefully note patterns down the back or along the sides, the colour and size; check identification again – it is much more likely to be a Grass Snake or Slow-Worm.

Are grass snakes rare?

The only other British snake, the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), is also non-venomous and extremely rare. … Grass snakes, which grow to more than one metre (3ft) in length, live near water, mainly feeding on amphibians such as frogs, toads and newts.

What is the most dangerous animal in the UK?

Cows regularly top the bill as the most dangerous animals in the UK. They mainly attack in the calving season (which is typically springtime, but could vary) because they’ve felt threatened around their young. Most incidents involve stampedes or kicks and can often be avoided by following proper countryside protocols.

How do I get rid of grass snakes UK?

How to get rid of grass snakes

  1. Keep your lawn trimmed at 5 cm or shorter.
  2. Keep your rodent population down by planting mint around the perimeter of your garden.

Do grass snakes bite UK?

Although the Grass Snake rarely bites, it can put on a seemingly aggressive defence if cornered, inflating the body, hissing loudly and striking with the mouth closed.

What is the deadliest snake in the world?

The World’s Deadliest Snakes

  • The king cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake. …
  • Two drops of the black mamba’s venom can kill you. …
  • The Gaboon Viper’s bite is said to be the world’s most painful. …
  • The Mojave Rattlesnake is bad-tempered and packs a powerful venom. …
  • The Inland Taipan has the world’s most lethal venom.
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Which country has no snakes in the world?

But do you know that there is a country in the world where there are no snakes? You read it right. Ireland is one country completely devoid of snakes.

Can you keep a grass snake as a pet?

Grass snakes don’t make good pets, primarily because they’re usually wild-caught. They’re an uncommon pet snake. Captive-bred grass snakes will be more socialized, and easier to feed and handle without musking.

Can a UK adder kill you?

Can adders kill you? While the adder’s bite can be very painful and the venom does have the potential to be fatal, no one has died from an adder bite in Britain for over 20 years.

What to do if you find a snake in your garden UK?

If you stumble across a native British snake in your garden or the wild, please leave them undisturbed. There’s no need to get in contact with us unless the snake appears to be injured or wounded. If you find a non-native species of snake, please keep your distance and call our advice line on 0300 1234 999.

What’s the difference between a grass snake and a slow worm?

Grass snakes are the most likely to be found in the same habitats as slow worms and they are 90 to 150 centimetres long when fully grown. … Like snakes, slow worms have scales. But whereas slow worms feel smooth, many snakes have keels on their scales that make them rough to the touch. The smooth snake is an exception.

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