How much does it cost to get dual citizenship in Ireland?

Basically, dual citizenship from Ireland has some pretty unique benefits. Many people spend years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to become EU citizens, so if you have the privileged option to do it in 9 months for $700, I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity!

How much does Irish citizenship cost?

The application form is online only – there is no physical application form. How much does it cost to apply? The fees are €278.00 Euros for over 18s and €153 Euros for under 18s – these fees include postage for return of your certificates. The fee is paid online when you are completing your application form.

Do I qualify for Irish dual citizenship?

Before 1 January 2005, everyone born on the island of Ireland was an Irish citizen by birth. … If you are born abroad, you are entitled to Irish citizenship if your parent was born in Ireland. If your grandparents were born in Ireland, you may also be able to claim citizenship through the Foreign Births Register.

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Can I get Irish citizenship if my great grandparents were Irish?

For people with Irish-born great-grandparents, there is no automatic right to Irish Citizenship. Instead, applicants must rely on Ministerial discretion for some of the requirements to be waived.

How do I become an Irish citizen by descent?

Yes, you can apply for Irish citizenship by descent. In these cases, you can become an Irish citizen through Foreign Birth Registration. Once a person is entered onto the Foreign Births Register they are an Irish citizen and entitled to apply for an Irish passport.

Which country gives free citizenship?

Ecuador joins countries where Indians easily get citizenship due to their citizenship by investment programme. It’s a small but developing country in the top west coast of South America having immense tourism and economic potential.

What happens if I marry an Irish citizen?

If you are married to, or in a civil partnership with, an Irish citizen, you can apply to become an Irish citizen by naturalisation. … You must have lived in Ireland or Northern Ireland continuously for 12 months before the date of your application. You intend to live in Ireland after you have become an Irish citizen.

What are the benefits of dual citizenship in Ireland?

Enjoy diplomatic support outside of Ireland. Hold dual/multiple citizenship.

These rights include:

  • Equality before the law.
  • The right to life.
  • Personal liberty.
  • Freedom of expression.
  • Religious freedom.
  • Freedom to travel in Ireland.
  • Property rights.
  • The right to privacy.


Does having an Irish passport make you a citizen?

Born in Ireland before 1 January 2005

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If you were born in Ireland before 1 January 2005, you are an Irish citizen by birth. … This means that you can choose to be an Irish citizen and apply for an Irish passport if you want to.

How long do you have to live in Ireland to become a citizen?

Citizenship through time spent in Ireland

To get citizenship (become naturalised) you must have five years of reckonable residence in the State to qualify. If you are married to an Irish citizen or are a declared refugee you can apply after three years.

Can you hold a UK and Irish passport at the same time?

If you are an eligible British citizen, you may be permitted to hold both a British and Irish passport. If you can provide evidence of your claim to Irish citizenship, you will be able to hold both passports. … Not all countries allow dual citizenship, but Ireland and the UK are two of the countries that do.

Who qualifies for an Irish passport?

Eligibility. You must be an Irish citizen to get an Irish Passport. You are automatically an Irish Citizen if you were born in Ireland before 2005 or if you were born abroad to a parent who was born in Ireland before 2005.

Can you get dual citizenship through great grandparents?

One of the easiest ways to acquire dual citizenship is by descent. Many countries let you claim citizenship if your parents, grandparents or — in some cases — great grandparents were born in said country. There are other avenues to dual citizenship too, with some of the most popular being investment and naturalization.

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Can I have 3 passports?

If you have dual citizenship and one citizenship is the American one, then you should always be faithful to America, or else you risk losing your citizenship. For instance, when traveling abroad, a U.S.A. citizen should have an American passport. … One can hold more than 3 citizenships.

What are the advantages of having an Irish passport?

An Irish passport enables the bearer to travel internationally and serves as evidence of Irish nationality and citizenship of the European Union. It also facilitates the access to consular assistance from both Irish embassies and any embassy from other European Union member states while abroad.

Does a child born in Ireland get citizenship?

You are not automatically an Irish citizen if you were born on the island of Ireland. You may be entitled to Irish citizenship if your parent(s) or grandparents were Irish. You may be entitled to Irish citizenship if you were born outside of Ireland, but you may need to register your birth.

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