Is BNO a UK passport?

The British National (Overseas) passport, commonly referred to as the BN(O) passport, is a British passport for persons with British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) citizenship. BN(O) citizenship was created in 1987 after the enactment of Hong Kong Act 1985.

Is BNO a British citizen?

BN(O)s are British nationals and Commonwealth citizens, but not British citizens. … Following the imposition of controversial Chinese national security legislation on Hong Kong, the UK has allowed BN(O)s and their immediate family members to apply for five-year residence visas since 31 January 2021.

Can I work in the UK with a BNO passport?

British nationals (overseas) can use a stamp in their passport as proof of their right to work. This is confirmed in list B, group 1 of the code of practice on preventing illegal working. The stamp restricts their access to public funds but does not restrict their ability to work.

Can I travel with BNO passport?

According to Hong Kong’s government, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, and Australia are among the countries included in the scheme from which Hong Kong has required to stop accepting the BN(O) passports. … “The officials insisted that BNO is not a nationality and is only a travel document.

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Do BNO need visa to UK?

If you’re a British national (overseas) you can stay in the UK as a visitor for up to 6 months without a visa. However, you are subject to immigration control and, as a visitor, do not have the right to live, work or take up long-term study in the UK. You should leave the UK when your visit ends.

Who is entitled to a BNO passport?

“BN(O) citizens with their immediate family dependants, comprising spouse or partner and children aged under 18, will be eligible to apply for the Hong Kong BN(O) Visa. Dependants need not have BN(O) status themselves to be eligible.

Does UK allow dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries. You do not need to apply for dual citizenship.

Do Hong Kongers have British citizenship?

The Government has created a new visa for people from Hong Kong with British National (Overseas) status. The five year visa will enable BN(O)s and their dependent family members to live, work and study in the UK, and give them a route to permanent settlement and British citizenship. It launches on 31 January.

How do I get a BNO passport?

  1. Get a digital passport photo. There are 3 ways:
  2. Apply online. Fill in your personal details: • Full name, date of birth and contact. …
  3. Pay for your new passport. You’ll need a debit or credit card.
  4. Send us your documents. You must send original documents, unless we ask for a photocopy.
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Can British overseas citizen apply for British citizenship?

You may be able to register as a British overseas citizen if you’re stateless (not recognised by any country as having a nationality) and both of these apply: you were born in the UK or an overseas territory. one of your parents is a British overseas citizen.

How many BNO visas are approved?

More than 34,000 Hongkongers applied for a new pathway to British citizenship in the first two months of the scheme, with 7,200 already approved, according to official figures released on Thursday.

How much is the BNO visa?

Applicants have to buy a Hong Kong BNO visa. Individuals can pay: £180 to apply to stay for two and half years, which can then be extended by another two and a half years for a further £180. £250 to apply to stay for five years.

Does BNO passport need visa to Canada?

All temporary residence applications for HKSAR or BNO passport holders should be processed following the Temporary residence: COVID-19 program delivery instructions. Holders of HKSAR passports are visa exempt and may apply for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) should they wish to come to Canada.

How many BNO holders are there?

9) of the numbers of likely applications—all of which expect the highest number of applications in 2021. They’re based in part on different forecasts of how many of the 2.9 million people eligible for BN(O) passports will apply for them, making them eligible for the BN(O) visa.

What is the status of BNO?

To qualify for BNO status, a person had to be a British Dependent Territories citizen by connection with Hong Kong. Those who did not register for BNO status and had no other nationality or citizenship on 30 June 1997 automatically became British Overseas Citizens on 1 July 1997.

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Can Hong Kong citizens move to UK?

Since 31 January, Hong Kong residents have been able to come to the UK for up to five years and apply for permanent residency.

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