Is Oxfordshire commutable to London?

Oxfordshire is hugely popular with London commuters. There are three train lines to choose from. Firstly the line which potters in from the Cotswolds, stopping in idyllic stone villages such as Ascott-under-Wychwood and Charlbury, then to Oxford and Didcot before arriving in Paddington.

Where in the Cotswolds is commutable to London?

Banbury, Oxfordshire – commute from the Cotswolds

Banbury is in North Oxfordshire and is located just to the east of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The town is growing in popularity due to the availability of pretty stone cottages to buy and the easy access to both London and the Cotswolds.

Where can I live commutable to London?

  • St Albans, Hertfordshire. St Albans is a beautiful place to live (Image: Jerzy Kociatkiewicz – Wikimedia Commons) …
  • Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Amersham has the best of both worlds. …
  • Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. …
  • Brockenhurst, Hampshire. …
  • Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire. …
  • Caversham, Berkshire. …
  • Chichester, West Sussex. …
  • Deal, Kent.
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Can you live in London and commute to Oxford?

To echo what most have said here, whilst it’s possible live in Oxford and commute to London, you are unlikely to save a significant amount of money by doing so. I struggled with this commute, via the Oxford Tube, for a year before admitting defeat and moving to London.

What is Oxfordshire like to live in?

The constant throughout rural and urban Oxfordshire, though, is great properties. From the Edwardian and Victorian homes of Witney, to stone-built cottages of villages like Burford and new-builds of Thame, there’s real variety to be found from houses for sale in Oxfordshire.

Can you commute to London from the Cotswolds?

Direct trains take just under 90 minutes into London Paddington. … This route incorporates the villages of Kingham, Charlbury and Long Hanborough which, if you are lucky to buy or rent a property in one of these villages, cuts the commute time by up to 25 mins.

Is it expensive to live in the Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK. However, Cotswolds is an expensive area to live in. … It doesn’t matter the year you check the figures, the average house price in the Cotswolds is usually double of the UK average house price.

What are the nice suburbs of London?

Here are some London suburbs most well-known for their rural charm.

  • Putney – SW15. We begin in our local area. …
  • Richmond/East Sheen – SW14. …
  • Barnes – SW13. …
  • Twickenham – TW1. …
  • Hampstead – NW3. …
  • Blackheath – SE3.
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Where can I buy out of London?

1/10Top 10 locations for London leavers

  • Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. 76% of homes sold here in 2019 were bought by Londoners. …
  • Epping Forest, Essex. 65% of homes sold here in 2019 were bought by Londoners. …
  • Thurrock, Essex. …
  • Epsom and Ewell, Surrey. …
  • Hertsmere, Hertfordshire. …
  • Dartford, Kent. …
  • Elmbridge, Surrey. …
  • Tandridge, Surrey.


Where should I live in London near the countryside?

The top countryside location near London for a laid-back way of life: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Sitting pretty between the Chiltern Hills and the river Thames, historic civil parish Henley-on-Thames is the embodiment of idyllic countryside life whilst still being within reach of London.

Where should I live if I work in London?

Waltham Cross, Hatfield and Hemel Hempstead all feature in the list, but the Hertfordshire town of Cheshunt takes the number one spot – offering those wanting to work in London but live outside the Capital the perfect work-life balance.

Can you commute from Cambridge to London?

The commute: trains from Cambridge to King’s Cross take from 53 minutes. Direct Liverpool Street trains take just over an hour. An annual season ticket costs from £5,100.

Is Oxford a good town to live in?

Most of Oxford is a great and safe place to live, with Headington, Marston and the older areas around the John Radcliffe Hospital being ideal spots. … Wolvercote is also a nice village, as well as Jericho and Summertown in the posher North Oxford region.

Is Oxfordshire posh?

Is the city of Oxford considered posh? – Quora. Yes it is, and rightly so in many ways. There’s lots of history, the universities have a long reputation for being elitist, the area is well off and house prices are some of the highest in the U.K.

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Where should I not live in Oxford?

Top 10 Worst Crime Areas in Oxfordshire

  • New Marston, Oxford.
  • Park Street, Oxford.
  • Temple Cowley, Oxford.
  • Grandpont, Oxford.
  • Walton Manor, Oxford.
  • Blackird Leys, Oxford.
  • Banbury, Cherwell.
  • Hardwick, Cherwell.

Is chinnor posh?

Chinnor has a higher rate of home ownership, either outright or via a mortgage than the national average, which suggests that Chinnor is a relatively affluent area.

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