Question: What does Tilly mean in Ireland?

tilly (plural tillies) (Ireland) An extra product given to a customer at no additional charge; a lagniappe.

What does Tilly mean?

Meaning:mighty in battle. Tilly is a girl’s name that is a variant of Tilda and the Old German name Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle”.

Is Tilly an Irish name?

Tully is a surname of Irish and Scottish origin, and spelling variations include; Tally, Talley,Tilly, MacTully, MacTilly, MacAtilla, O’Multilly, O’Multully, MacCantully, and Flood. These names are anglicisations of the following Irish names; Ó Taithligh, Ó Maoltuile, Mac Maoltuile, Mac Taichligh, and Mac an Tuile.

Is Tilly good quality?

Tillys has a consumer rating of 1.59 stars from 244 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Tillys most frequently mention customer service, gift card and tracking number problems. Tillys ranks 196th among General Apparel sites.

Is the name Tilly rare?

With that position 1 in 83,132 baby girls were given this name – making this a very unique female name according to our Popularity Score algorithm. Tilly peaked in popularity 9 years ago in 2012 on position 3239.

Where is the name Tilly from?

The name Tilly is a girl’s name of German origin meaning “battle-mighty”. Tilly and twin Tillie are hot new nickname names, either short for the newly fashionable Matilda or standing all on their own.

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What nationality is Tilly?

English (of Norman origin) and French: habitational name from any of various places in northern France called Tilly (Tiliacum in medieval records).

What is a unique girl name?

If you would like something pretty sounding, these unique baby girl names will fit the bill.

  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, it’s simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. …
  • Charmaine. …
  • Constance. …
  • Geneviève. …
  • Lorelei. …
  • Lucinda. …
  • Micaela.


Does Tillys sell fake?

The rating of indicates the site is safe or a scam. However, we cannot guarantee that the site is a scam. Many websites look legit but are in fact fake.

Is Tillys a real store?

Overall, you can still get what you are looking for when you shop at the It is best to make sure that the items that you buy are exactly what you need with the right size and fit. This is to ensure that there would be no returns or issues later on.

Does Tillys have good quality clothes?

However lots of their clothes tend to be a bit pricey, but their basic section is pretty well priced and they are super cute and trendy! The brands sold are very good quality and I LOVE the style even though, like I said, it’s usually out of my price range.

What is Ricky short for girl?

A diminutive of the male given name Richard, more often spelled Rickie or Ricky. A female given name from the Germanic languages and a nickname of modern usage, also spelled Rikki.

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Is Tilly short for another name?

Tilly is a feminine given name or nickname, and a surname. It is generally a variant/diminutive for the German name Matilda.

What does Tilly mean in Australia?

Contributor’s comments: “Tilly” is an nickname members of the Defence Force (Army) use to describe the Tracked Load Carrier (TLC). It is a Utility type tracked vehicle from the M113 family of vehicles. It is used for carrying a wide variety of commodities ranging from fuel and water to rations, stores and ammunition.

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