Quick Answer: What is the biggest tube station in London?

As well as being the busiest in the UK, Waterloo Station is the largest in terms of floor space and has the greatest number of platforms. The Underground station is served by the Northern and Jubilee Lines.

Which tube station is the furthest from central London?

Chesham station is 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Charing Cross, making it the furthest London Underground station from central London.

Which London Underground station is the busiest?

List of busiest London Underground stations

Rank (2018) Station 2018
1 King’s Cross St. Pancras 89.82
2 Victoria 84.47
3 Oxford Circus 76.40
4 Waterloo 76.54

Which tube station is the busiest?

The complete top ten, with number of visits, looks like this:

  • Oxford Circus – 92.3m.
  • Victoria – 82.8m.
  • Liverpool Street – 73.2m.
  • London Bridge – 71.9m.
  • Stratford – 61.4m.
  • Bank & Monument – 57.5m.
  • Canary Wharf – 54.4m.
  • Paddington – 49.6m.


What is the least used tube station in London?

With a little over 368,400 passengers recorded in 2017, the Central line’s Roding Valley is officially the least used station across the London underground network.

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What are the two closest tube stations?

A: On the Piccadilly Line, Leicester Square and Covent Garden are the two closest stations together on the network with an average journey time of just 37 seconds.

How far out of London does the tube go?

Here’s 25 of the most interesting facts… The network of tunnels extends to 249 miles. For comparison, it’s only 204 miles from Hull to London. The network became known as the Tube in the early part of the twentieth century.

How many people pass through Kings Cross per day?

On a typical weekday in 2017, some 149,000 people entered King’s Cross St. Pancras Underground station.

Is Piccadilly line busy?

The Piccadilly Line remains busy until about 8 p.m. as people head to the West End for restaurants, clubs, and theaters and has another mini-rush hour when theaters close after about 11 p.m.

What is the oldest Tube line?

The Metropolitan line is the oldest underground railway in the world. The Metropolitan Railway opened in January 1863 and was an immediate success, though its construction took nearly two years and caused huge disruption in the streets. Read more about the Metropolitan line.

Is the Tube safe at night in London?

It’s important to bear in mind that there isn’t a Tube station in London that is unsafe at night. There are some that feel unsafe because of where they are sited and how passengers have to enter and exit, but that’s all.

What is peak time on the tube?

On Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and National Rail services in London: Peak fares – Monday to Friday (not on public holidays) between 06:30 and 09:30, and between 16:00 and 19:00.

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Which is the fastest Tube line in London?

Fastest Tube line

The Central Line is reportedly the fastest service in terms of overall train speed, but much depends on the gaps between stations. And with the Victoria Line boasting fewer stops than other lines and an upgraded train network, many believe that line is the fastest.

What was the first tube line in London?

Metropolitan line

Opened in 1863, The Metropolitan Railway between Paddington and Farringdon was the first, urban, underground railway in the world.

How old are the tube trains?

The City & South London Railway tube line opened in 1890 with electric locomotives which hauled three carriages. Originally only provided with small windows, these were soon nicknamed “padded cells”. These were replaced with standard tube stock when the line was rebuilt in 1923.

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