What is Bedford UK famous for?

It is known for its large population of Italian descent. Bedford is on the Midland Main Line, with stopping services to London and Brighton operated by Thameslink, and express services to London and the East Midlands operated by East Midlands Railway.

What food is Bedford famous for?

Bedfordshire’s traditional dish is the Bedfordshire Clanger, a sort of sausage roll type snack made of suet pastry with meat at one end and jam at the other! There’s only one bakery left in the county that produces the clanger in a variety of flavours, so don’t miss out! You can also order them online!

Is Bedford UK dangerous?

For England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as a whole, Bedford is the 29th most dangerous major town, and the 469th most dangerous location out of all towns, cities, and villages. … The most common crimes in Bedford are violence and sexual offences, with 3,453 offences during 2020, giving a crime rate of 37.

Is Bedford a bad place to live?

Bedford is a county town in England that is well-known for having a huge population of Italians. This town offers a good quality of life, many job opportunities and reliable transport networks. Though the house prices are high, they are lower than for the South of England region.

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Is Bedford a good place to live?

Bedford affords residents a wonderful community as well as a host of fantastic amenities. The town is home to an eclectic range of communities. … The Sunday Times voted Bedford as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2019, calling the town unfairly underappreciated!

Where is Bedfordshire UK?

Bedfordshire is known as a ceremonial county of historic origin, it is located in the East of England region, within the United Kingdom. Bedfordshire shares borders with Buckinghamshire to the west, Hertfordshire to the south-east, Northamptonshire to the north and Cambridgeshire to the north-east.

Why is it called a clanger?

The word clanger, it had been suggested, referred to the mistake of mixing sweet and savoury fillings. But a more likely explanation was that in nearby Northamptonshire dialect, ‘clang’ means to eat voraciously.

Where is the safest place to live in the UK?

Liverpool has been crowned the safest city in the UK for families to live in, thanks to its sense of security, low crime rate and number of CCTV cameras.

Is there a red light district in Bedford?

Bedford Hill itself has long been a red light district – albeit plying a much reduced trade since a police campaign – while the thickets on the Common are popular with cottagers.

How far is Bedford from London?

The distance between London and Bedford is 46 miles.

What is bad about Bedford?

The town centre is ridden with ***** and drug dealers, and the area is never short of a murder or two. The place is ridden with strange, backwards people who appear as if they would drag you into a side street and violently murder you if you so much as looked at them the wrong way.

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Is Bedford a safe area?

Bedford reports a mere 4.59 crimes per 100 residents, below the UK average of 6.57 per 100, and well-below London’s dismal 42.53 per 100. It’s also a major party town. Bedford holds the second most popular free outdoor event in England, the Bedford River Festival.

Where is the best place to live in the UK?

In London, Teddington, nestled in the Royal Borough of Richmond, was deemed to be the best place to live in the capital, while Altrincham retained its place at the top of the North West section after being named overall winner in 2020.

Is Bedford expensive to live in?

Summary about cost of living in Bedford, United Kingdom: … A single person estimated monthly costs are 924$ (666£) without rent. Bedford is 25.56% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Bedford is, on average, 69.12% lower than in New York.

Where should I live in Bedfordshire?

The 10 places in Bedfordshire that everyone wants to move to

  1. Houghton Regis – 39.03 per cent.
  2. Luton – 38.60 per cent. …
  3. Arlesey – 37.97 per cent. …
  4. Sandy – 35.07 per cent. …
  5. Bedford – 33.33 per cent. …
  6. Biggleswade – 32.24 per cent. …
  7. Dunstable – 30.87 per cent. …
  8. Leighton Buzzard – 25.44 per cent. …


How much is train from Bedford to Luton?

There are normally 118 trains per day travelling from Bedford to Luton and tickets for this journey start from £7.10 when you book in advance.

Bedford to Luton by train.

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Journey time From 13m
Price From £7.10
Distance 18 miles (29 km)
Frequency 118 trains per day
First train 02:53
Foggy Albion