What is sodden in British?

adjective. Something that is sodden is extremely wet. We stripped off our sodden clothes. His grey jersey and trousers were sodden with the rain. Synonyms: soaked, saturated, sopping, drenched More Synonyms of sodden.

What is the meaning of sodden in English?

sodden SAH-dun adjective. 1 a : dull or expressionless especially from continued indulgence in alcoholic beverages. b : torpid, sluggish. 2 a : heavy with or as if with moisture or water. b : heavy or doughy because of imperfect cooking.

What is a sodden plug?

It’s more of cultural identity. a symbol of beauty. A girl’s lower lip is cut sometimes by her mother when she reaches 15 or 16, and held open by a sodden plug until it heals. Especially those with large labrets, might wear them whenever they are in public.

Where does the word sodden come from?

Coming from the Middle English word for “boiled,” sodden is certainly closely tied with lots and lots of liquid. Saturated, soppy, and soaking, anything that’s sodden is drenched to the core and probably a mess.

What does Soden mean?

tan ‘ruler’, specifically the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. In medieval England this was used as a nickname, either for someone who behaved in an outlandish and autocratic manner or for someone who had played the part of a sultan in a pageant.

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What does Purtenance mean?

noun. the liver, heart, and lungs of an animal.

What means tallow?

(Entry 1 of 2) : the white nearly tasteless solid rendered fat of cattle and sheep used chiefly in soap, candles, and lubricants. tallow. verb.

Can you talk with a lip plate?

Lip plates are pieces of jewelry that are used to modify the body, specifically the lips. In my opinion, they look painful, inconvenient, and unattractive. When lip plates are worn, the lips are stretched so far out of proportion that it looks as though eating, drinking, talking, or kissing would be impossible.

Which tribe puts plates in their lips?

Have you ever heard about the Mursi tribe? They live in Omo Valley, an isolated region in Ethiopia. They are one of the last tribes that still wear traditional clothing and accessories. Mursi women are famous for their wooden lip plates – a symbol of beauty and identity.

What does salt sodden mean?

soaked with liquid or moisture; saturated.

What’s the meaning of dilapidated?

: decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse a dilapidated old house.

What is a limp?

1a : to walk lamely especially : to walk favoring one leg The injured player limped off the field. b : to go unsteadily : falter the conversation limped for some time— Henry Green. 2 : to proceed slowly or with difficulty the ship limped back to port. limp. noun.

Is Soden a word?

No, soden is not in the scrabble dictionary.

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