Why do tourists visit Northern Ireland?

Rejuvenated and irrepressible, Belfast now rivals any of the UK’s capital cities, but in addition, the country manifests superb natural heritage – including one of the world’s great coastal road trips – remarkable cultural treasures, outdoor activities in abundance, and an increasingly vibrant food and music scene.

What is Northern Ireland famous for?

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Northern Ireland

  1. The Giant’s Causeway. The Giant’s Causeway. …
  2. The Causeway Coast and Dunluce Castle. Dunluce Castle. …
  3. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. …
  4. The Titanic Belfast. …
  5. The Glens of Antrim. …
  6. Carrickfergus Castle. …
  7. Ards Peninsula. …
  8. The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.


What is Northern Ireland like to visit?

Northern Ireland is home to some of the best links golf in the world. As well as Royal Portrush, which hosted The 148th Open in 2019, there are other gems like Portstewart and the beautiful Royal County Down near the Mourne Mountains.

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Is it worth going to Northern Ireland?

Follow the Causeway Coast…

Belfast is a vibrant city that’s definitely worth at least a day or two of your time. But there’s so much more to see in Northern Ireland, too. The now world-famous Giant’s Causeway is just the first stop on the winding Causeway Coastal Route that will make you gasp several times over.

Why should I come to Ulster?

Ulster University is a young, dynamic and innovative university with a spirit that transforms lives, stretches minds, develops skills and raises ambitions. International students from over 100 countries worldwide choose Ulster every year for the unique experience studying in Northern Ireland offers them.

Is it dangerous to visit Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is extremely safe for tourists to visit. … When political crime does happen, it is usually inter-communal violence or crime committed by paramilitaries which are never directed towards tourists. Indeed, there hasn’t been any indication of foreigners or tourist areas being targeted by terrorists.

What food is Northern Ireland famous for?

Much of what is regarded as traditional Irish cuisine – soda bread, apple tart, barmbrack, boxty, champ, colcannon, Irish stew, potatoes and bacon – were developed ‘in the kitchens of the solid farming classes’, explains Noel.

What do you love about Northern Ireland?

Here’s are some of the reasons why I love Northern Ireland!

1. The landscapes

  • The greenness. Now, there are pluses and minuses to the fact that Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. …
  • The loughs. …
  • The sense of community. …
  • The craic.
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Is Northern Ireland scenic?

Its fantastical scenery was largely thanks to this region’s rustic beauty. Home to the stunning Giant’s Causeway, majestic Mourne Mountains, and bustling Belfast, Northern Ireland has too many impressive sights to see in one visit. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

What is the most visited place in Northern Ireland?

Most visited attractions in Northern Ireland 2019

The Giant’s Causeway was the most frequently visited attraction in Northern Ireland with nearly a million visitors in 2019. It was followed by Dundonald International Ice Bowl with 719 thousand visitors.

Is it better to visit Ireland or Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is under British rule, which means every time they do whatever it is they do, Northern Ireland is effected as well. Their rental prices are through the roof as well. The Republic of Ireland is cheaper, and it has better tourist attractions.

Should I visit Dublin or Belfast?

When it comes to affordability, Belfast is the winner hands-down. In the last decade, Dublin has become a hub of international business and this is reflected in the price tag of day-to-day goods. While Belfast is certainly also a city on the up, the cost of living is significantly cheaper than in Dublin.

Can you use the euro in Northern Ireland?

As part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland uses the British pound sterling (£). The British pound is not accepted in the Republic, and the euro is not accepted in the North — if you’re traveling in both parts of Ireland, you’ll need some of both currencies, although shops right on the border tend to accept both.

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What makes Belfast great?

Bustling with top-class restaurants, incredible nightlife, and a packed history down every street—Belfast is a deeply cultured city with a great deal to offer its visitors. In 2018, Lonely Planet listed Belfast as its best place to visit, beating out the likes of Japan’s Kii Peninsula and USA’s Alaska.

Why did the Scots migrate to Ireland?

These Scots migrated to Ireland in large numbers both as a result of the government-sanctioned Plantation of Ulster, a planned process of colonisation which took place under the auspices of James VI of Scotland and I of England on land confiscated from members of the Gaelic nobility of Ireland who fled Ulster, and as …

What is so special about Belfast?

Belfast is famous for its street art. Political murals have peppered the streets for decades and have flashed across TV screens around the world as symbols of the Troubles. However, a new generation of artists is claiming public spaces, most notably in the Cathedral Quarter.

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