Why should I go to the Tower of London?

The Tower of London is a definite “must see” on any visit to London, providing a colourful journey into the centuries of history all contained within its immense walls. It is a popular attraction, so don’t be surprised at the length of the queue to enter through its gates.

Why should you visit the Tower of London?

The Tower of London is one of London’s most popular and iconic tourist attractions. … One of the main reasons to visit the Tower is to see the working collection of Crown Jewels. There are 23,578 in the collection including one of the world’s most famous diamonds.

Is Tower of London worth visiting?

The majority of travelers say the Tower of London’s high admission price and long lines are worth every pence. And some recent visitors strongly recommend attending the free tour put on by the Yeoman Warders.

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Who does the Tower of London appeal to?

From adults to young children, the Tower of London can appeal to all age ranges. Adults can’t help but be intrigued by the history of the place; from the legend of the murdered Princes to Anne Boleyn’s beheading. Children enjoy running around the castle courtyard and exploring the castle corridors.

What would you find in the Tower of London now?

Explore the Tower of London

  • Things to see Highlights. See the Crown Jewels. …
  • The ravens. …
  • White Tower. …
  • Line of Kings. …
  • Guards at the Tower of London. …
  • Tower Green & Scaffold site. …
  • Bloody Tower. …
  • Torture at the Tower exhibition.

Is the Tower of London open to visitors?

Updated 7 June 2021

Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and Hillsborough Castle and Gardens are all now open from Wednesday to Sunday. Kew Palace is open daily while Banqueting House remains closed. All visitors need to pre-book tickets in advance.

How many tourists visit the Tower of London every year?

Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions: Latest results

RANK Most visited PAID attractions Most visited FREE attractions
1 Tower of London 6,239,983
2 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 6,098,340
3 Chester Zoo 6,011,007
4 St Paul’s Cathedral 5,423,932

What is the Tower of London most famous for?

As the most secure castle in the land, the Tower guarded royal possessions and even the royal family in times of war and rebellion. But for 500 years monarchs also used the Tower as a surprisingly luxurious palace. Throughout history, the Tower has also been a visible symbol of awe and fear.

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Is Tower of London free?

There is an admission charge and often a long queue to visit the Tower. But you can see parts of it for free at night by getting tickets in advance to the ancient Ceremony of the Keys. You can visit the Tower of London on the city walk, bridges walk and self guided bus tour.

How long do you spend at the Tower of London?

How long should you stay at the Tower of London? Plan to spend at least two hours at the Tower of London (or more if it’s busy). There is so much to see and learn about here that you should try and get as much value out of your ticket as you can.

What happened to the poppies at Tower of London?

Where did the poppies go? All of the poppies that made up the installation were sold, raising millions of pounds which were shared equally amongst six service charities.

Can you still buy ceramic poppies from Tower of London?

Sadly, no. But the poppies, from both travelling sculptures, will be installed on a permanent basis in The Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester. The poppies were bought for the nation by Lady Susan Sainsbury after the sculpture Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red came to an end at the Tower of London.

Who runs London Tower?

The White Tower, which gives the entire castle its name, was built by William the Conqueror in 1078 and was a resented symbol of oppression, inflicted upon London by the new ruling elite.

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Tower of London
Owner Queen Elizabeth II in right of the Crown
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Type Cultural
Criteria ii, iv

How much do Beefeaters get paid?

Yeoman Warders now mainly act as tour guides on a day-to-day basis when not performing ceremonial duties – pay starts at around £24,000.

Why are the crown jewels kept in the Tower of London?

The Crown Jewels are so significant because they symbolise the passing of authority from one monarch to another during the coronation ceremony.

What days are the Tower of London closed?

Opening times

Daily: 09:00 – 16:30. Last admission: 15.30 (15.00 slot), buildings within the Tower close at 16.30. Tower closed 12 and 13 July. Daily: 09:00 – 17:30.

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