You asked: Can I use my London terminals ticket on the underground?

If your ticket reads ‘London Terminals’, you can alight at either of those two London Terminal stations. However, you cannot use that ticket to travel into or throughout London beyond that London Terminal station using London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Tramlink and London Bus services.

Can I use a London terminals ticket on the tube?

If you are making one single or return journey and your destination is a London Underground (the Tube) or DLR station you are recommended to purchase a ‘through’ ticket from your starting station. This will allow you to use the same ticket to continue your journey by Tube and/or DLR once you have arrived in London.

What does London terminals mean on a rail ticket?

A ticket marked “London Terminals” allows travel to any station in the group via any permitted route, as determined by the National Routeing Guide. Most London terminal stations were developed in the mid-19th century during the initial boom of rail transport.

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What Does not valid via London terminals mean?

It means you can’t travel via any of the central London terminus stations, ie Victoria, London Bridge, Charing Criss, Waterloo, Waterloo East, Paddington, etc. Nor is it valid on the underground. Edited: 8 years ago.

Is my train ticket valid on the Underground?

A London Underground ticket will be included with your booking if part of your journey involves using the Underground to get between stations – for example, a trip from York to Brighton will include a London Underground transfer between London Kings Cross and Victoria stations.

What classifies as London terminals?

London Terminals are a group of mainline rail stations in central London. Journeys into London via rail usually end at a London Terminal stations. For customers travelling into London on the c2c route, a London Terminal is both London Fenchurch Street or London Liverpool Street.

What are the zones in London Underground?

Transport For London

Most services operate in zones 1-6, with Tube, London Overground and National Rail also operating in zones 7-9. If you use a Travelcard on any of these services, it must be valid for every zone you travel through.

How many train terminals are there in London?

There are 14 current railway terminus stations in London (Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Charing Cross, Euston, Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, King’s Cross, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo, Marylebone, Moorgate and St Pancras) and three former terminus stations (Bishopsgate, Broad Street and Holborn …

Can I get off the train at an earlier stop?

Yes, you can break your journey while travelling with an Anytime Single or Return ticket. This means you can get off the train at any connecting stop and leave the station, before boarding a later train to complete your journey.

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Is Farringdon London terminal?

Due to the rebuilding work at London Bridge is often more convenient to use the Thameslink services direct to Kings Cross/St Pancras than to brave the Northern Line. Yet while St Pancras looks like a Terminal station and is definitely in London, it does not count as a “London Terminal”. Neither does Farringdon.

What does via mean on trains?

The phrases will be replaced with “via” to indicate stations where passengers should change, or to specify a major station which their train passes through. If a passenger is entitled to travel via multiple routes, the acceptable itineraries will be available on the National Rail website.

What does any permitted route mean on train ticket?

As a previous poster has stated “any permitted” means that you can go via any valid route between the start and finish on your tickets. a valid route is defined as any acceptable route on the routing guide.

What does London any mean on Trainline?

This means you can travel to or from any London Terminal provided it’s on a reasonable line of route. For instance, a ticket from Cambridge to London Terminals would be valid for travel to: London Kings Cross. London Liverpool Street. Moorgate.

What is Zone 1 London Underground?

Zone 1 covers the West End, the Holborn district, Kensington, Paddington and the City of London, as well as Old Street, Angel, Pimlico, Tower Gateway, Aldgate East, Euston, Vauxhall, Elephant & Castle, Borough, London Bridge, Earl’s Court, Marylebone, Edgware Road, Lambeth North and Waterloo.

What does transfer on Trainline mean?

A transfer means that you will need to travel between different train stations, either on foot, by taxi or on public transport. The cost of public transport will not usually be included in the price of your ticket.

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What is a through ticket?

through tickets. DEFINITIONS1. 1. a ticket that you can use to travel to a place, even though you may change trains or planes on the way.

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