Can I use Idea SIM in UK?

Yes, you can use the same handset & SIM in any foreign country.

Does idea SIM work in UK?

Yes, provided you have activated international roaming facility on your postpaid sim.. second one is if you have prepaid sim, then there is no worry of working sim cards all over the world. Just recharge it and use it.

How do I keep my idea Sim active abroad?

  1. Recharge your sim with minimum balance.
  2. In the period of not more than 45 days you will have to use your sim for once for anything like receive calls or messages.
  3. For that you will have to activate international roaming that is 99/month.
  4. Receiving calls or messages is free on this pack.
  5. Total charges will be 99/month.

Can we use India number in UK?

Your Vodafone India sim works well in UK if you have an international roaming plan. International Roaming plan works only if your home operator has an agreement with an operator in the country of your visit. The subscriber should also have an international roaming plan too.

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How can I keep Indian SIM active in UK?

To keep the SIM active, you have to keep recharging it to extend validity. Every network has cheap plans specifically for this. Airtel has a INR 23(€0.3) plan that extends validity by 28 days. Other networks like Vodafone have similar plans (INR 35 or €0.4).

What is the best SIM card in UK?

What is the best SIM only deal?

  • Three: best for big data and unlimited plans.
  • EE: best for fast speeds and overall performance.
  • Vodafone: strong balance of affordability and features.
  • O2: heavy on the added benefits.
  • Smarty Mobile: best value 1-month rolling options.
  • Voxi: best for social media users.


What is the best prepaid SIM card in UK?

Best SIM Cards for UK Travel

  • Three Prepaid SIM with 12GB Data.
  • Orange Prepaid SIM Card with 20GB Data.
  • O2 Prepaid SIM Card with 20GB Data.
  • Giffgaff Prepaid SIM Card with 20GB Data.
  • EE Prepaid Data SIM Card with 20GB Data.
  • Cellhire Prepaid SIM Card with 8GB Data.


Do SIM cards expire if not used?

On most mainstream mobile networks, your credit will never expire providing your SIM card remains active. … Your SIM card will be cancelled automatically if you haven’t used it for a certain amount of time (between 84 days and 270 days depending on the network).

Can I use my SIM card in another country?

An International SIM card can be used worldwide. It allows you to switch between an American number (even the one you already have) and foreign numbers so the people you’re communicating with don’t have to pay extra to call or text you, regardless of where they are and what country you happen to be in at the moment.

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Which network is best for international roaming?

Jio Becomes the Best Mobile Network in India For International Roaming Services. Reliance Jio now becomes the best mobile network in India for International Roaming Service. Jio’s new International roaming rates was unbeatable by any other mobile network in India now.

How do I call a UK mobile?


Will Indian Airtel SIM work in UK?

Airtel prepaid and postpaid customers can activate the new international roaming packs at any time and pay only when actually used. The packs are available for US and Canada, Singapore, UK, and the UAE.

How can I use Indian mobile number in UK?

The country code of India is 00, UK country code is 44 and you can find the UK area code from the link given above and then dial the normal UK number. So the number you need to dial on your smartphone is: 00+44+ UK area code+ UK number. You will be charged international calling rates for making this call.

Can I use my Indian SIM card in UK?

But to use local sim card, you have to have an unlocked phone. … International UK sim cards are also available for people flying to UK from India. Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Uniconnect and Reliance offers World sim card, which means that with the same Indian number your can travel overseas.

What is the minimum recharge required to keep number active?

The Rs 23 minimum recharge plan comes with validity of 28 days and allows users to continue service. The plan only enables incoming calls and messages. To activate outgoing service there are other plans available. Airtel has also made mandatory for subscribers to recharge with a plan of Rs 45 to extend service.

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How long does Airtel SIM stay active without recharge?

Airtel follows a 60 days non-usage criteria for deactivation of the SIM from our network. Basis Customer usage behavior, it has been observed that 60 days is long enough period to determine whether or not the SIM would be in use thereafter or would be lying idle and can be safely disconnected.

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