What qualifications do I need to teach English in Sweden?

A bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate is the minimum required for all teaching jobs. Teachers should also have experience in other industries, such as business, to be able to give specialized vocabulary and cultural competence training.

What do you need to teach English in Sweden?

Requirements: To teach English in Sweden, you need a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. Without either of these, you probably won’t get a job in Sweden. Hiring process: Candidates are rarely able to apply in advance for jobs in Sweden, as vacancies are seldom advertised online.

What qualifications are required for teachers in Sweden?

Teachers wishing to teach in Sweden’s public school system must have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a teaching certification that certifies the teacher to teach specific subjects and grade levels and adequate proficiency in the Swedish language.

Are English teachers in demand in Sweden?

Teaching Opportunities

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There isn’t a high demand for English lessons in Sweden, as the quality of English is high: almost 90% of the population can reportedly speak English. … As another option, there are a few private language schools that provide lessons, mostly for professionals.

Can I teach English in Scandinavia?

Teaching English in Scandinavia is an ideal way to experience life in a unique part of the world. Although not as strong as in other parts of the world due to the high level of proficient English speakers, there is still a demand for TEFL teachers in Scandinavia.

How much are teachers paid in Sweden?

What teachers earn in Sweden. Most teachers (2019) earn between SEK 30,000 and SEK 40,000 per month, and the demand for teachers is growing. Salaries in excess of SEK 40,000 are becoming increasingly common and there are some teachers earning above SEK 50,000.

What is the best country to teach English in?

The Best Countries To Teach English Abroad

  • South Korea. South Korea has one of the largest English teaching markets in the world. …
  • Japan. Japan has one of the longest traditions when it comes to hiring English teachers. …
  • China. China’s English teaching market is also flourishing. …
  • Thailand. …
  • Czech Republic. …
  • Saudi Arabia. …
  • Mexico.

How do I get a teaching job in Sweden?

To work as a teacher in Sweden, you need to have an academic degree and a certification indicating in which type of schools you can teach. If you have a foreign teaching qualification, you can apply to the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) for a Swedish teacher certification.

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Can I become a teacher in Sweden?

This certification is required in order to teach at a school – only certified teachers can be offered permanent employment. All teachers in Sweden must have certification – both those that received their qualifications in Sweden, and those with foreign teaching qualifications. … A teacher can also be issued a warning.

Can you teach in Sweden?

Teaching jobs in Sweden are rarely advertised online, and usually found upon arrival in the country. This can be tricky for non-EU citizens, who will only be granted a 90-day tourist visa without an invitation for employment. Find a list of schools in your area and approach them for open teaching positions.

How much does it cost to live in Sweden?

The average monthly expenses on groceries is around 800 sek. Being a foody, I tend to spend well on groceries and cooking.

Cost of Living in Sweden – 2020.

Activity Vivek’s Expenditure Elise’s Expenditure
Housing rent 4500 sek 5500 sek
Groceries and food 800 sek 1600 sek
Transportation 610 sek 50 sek

How do you get certified to teach English as a foreign language?

8 Steps to Getting TEFL Certified

  1. Decide if you’re “in” or not. …
  2. Review your qualifications. …
  3. Get educated on what getting TEFL certified means. …
  4. Start shopping for TEFL certification courses. …
  5. Talk to at least 3-5 different TEFL certification providers. …
  6. Do your last minute sleuthing, then pick a TEFL program and apply.


Where can I find a job in Sweden?

Job listings

The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) offers support to people looking for work. It offers information, advice and support. Then there are many privately run job sites commonly used to find a job in Sweden.

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How do I become an English teacher in Norway?

Qualifications to teach in Norway

Ideally, teachers looking for jobs in Norway should have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree and an internationally recognized TEFL certificate to stand the best chance of finding a job teaching in Norway.

How do I get a teaching job in Switzerland?

Private Schools in Switzerland

Typically, English teaching positions will require teachers to hold a Bachelor’s degree and some form of ESL teaching qualification, such as a TEFL certificate. Many private language schools will also provide in-house training to their new teachers.

How can I learn Swedish for free?

Beyond the software itself Babbel boasts over 7 million members. There is no cost to sign up and you can learn Swedish for free in your first lesson. Visit the forums if you are looking to find a Swedish speaker – and some free Swedish lessons! With all these options learning Swedish for free is well within your grasp.

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