Where is Waterworld in the UK?

How far is Waterworld Stoke-on-Trent?

The journey time between Stoke-on-Trent and Water World is around 30 min and covers a distance of around 3 miles.

What is the best waterpark in the UK?

Best waterparks in the UK

  • Waterworld. …
  • Alpamare. …
  • Lagan Valley LeisurePlex. …
  • The LC Swansea. Best for: beginner surfers. …
  • Blue Lagoon. Best for: natural light and eco-friendliness. …
  • Photograph: Let’s Go Hydro. Let’s Go Hydro. …
  • Time Capsule Waterpark. Best for: group rides. …
  • Splashdown Quaywest. Best for: outdoor rides.


How far away is Waterworld?

Astronomers have claimed the existence of a new class of planet: a “water-world” with a thick, steamy atmosphere. The exoplanet GJ 1214b, just 40 light-years away, is a so-called “Super Earth” – bigger than our planet, but smaller than gas giants such as Jupiter.

Where is the biggest waterpark in England?

South Beach, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1BB

Sandcastle Waterpark Blackpool is the UK’s largest Indoor waterpark. With over 18 slides and plenty of exciting attractions in an 84-degree tropical climate, there is something to entertain the whole family.

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Can you go to splash landings for the day?

All rooms are subject to availability at time of booking. 1-day Theme Park ticket can be used on either day of your stay (subject to Park opening) – please check our opening times before arrival. 2-day Theme Park entry must be used on consecutive days as part of your stay.

How much does it cost for WaterWorld?

With a budget of $172 million (and a total outlay of $235 million once marketing and distribution costs are factored in), the film grossed $88 million at the North American box office. The film did better overseas, with $176 million at the foreign box office, for a worldwide total of $264 million.

What is the best waterpark in the world?

12 of the world’s best water parks

  1. Aquatica (Orlando, Florida) …
  2. Aquaventure Waterpark (Dubai, UAE) …
  3. Area 47 (Innsbruck, Austria) …
  4. Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil) …
  5. Caribbean Bay (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) …
  6. Siam Park (Tenerife, Spain) …
  7. Tropical Islands (Krausnick, Germany) …
  8. Watercube Waterpark (Beijing)


When can waterparks reopen in the UK?

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lockdown roadmap, theme parks can start to reopen from April 12 in England.

Is WaterWorld good for adults?

I was keen to visit Water World as an adult to see whether it was how I remembered it as a child, so me and my friend went along for an afternoon of water fun. The slides were good fun just as I remember, especially the nucleus!

How many slides does water world have?

The park attracts 400,000 visitors per year.

Water World, Stoke-on-Trent.

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Water slides 20 water slides
Website http://www.waterworld.co.uk/

What is the biggest waterpark in the world?

Chimelong Water Park is the largest water park in the world by annual attendance.

Who owns Sandcastle water park?

Sandcastle is owned by Parques Reunidos, who purchased Kennywood Entertainment. The company runs its original sister parks, Kennywood, Idlewild Park, and Lake Compounce. The park contains fourteen water slides, several swimming pools, and a handful of other attractions.

How much is Blackpool waterpark?

and Inclusion for all.

Standard Admission Your Admission Price
Single (12 yrs and over) £16.75 £8.35
Junior (8-11 yrs) £13.25 £6.60
Junior (6-7 yrs) – NB The Hyperzone price is for admission and Sidewinder only as you must be 8 and over to ride Masterblaster £13.25 £6.60
Junior (3-5 yrs) £13.25 £6.60
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