You asked: Do you have to live in London to get London weighting?

In the private sector, London Weighting varies dramatically, but large employers generally recognise that it is necessary to add a supplement for those living in London, and for those having to fork out the exorbitant train fares when commuting into the city.

Who is entitled to London weighting?

London weighting is an allowance paid to certain civil servants, teachers, airline employees, PhD students, police and security officers in and around London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

How do I get London weighting allowance?

5 ways to get your London weighting right

  1. An equal playing field. There should be absolutely no differentiation between roles here. …
  2. London means London. …
  3. A flat rate over a percentage. …
  4. Make it bulletproof. …
  5. Include gig-workers and freelancers.


What is London weighting percentage?

The results revealed that 55% reported that they are between 1% and 10% higher, 40% are paying between 11% and 20% higher, while 4% are paying in excess of 20%. A survey by Incomes Data Services of 95 organisations found that the average London allowance payments in 2013/14 were as per the table below.

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Is London weighting included in salary?

Your London weighting allowance is added to your basic wage that forms your gross salary package which attracts income tax and is subject to national insurance deductions at current rates.

What is the London weighting allowance 2020?

This report sets out the cost of the proposed London Weighting agreement for Operational Staff. The total cost of the proposed award in 2019/20 will be £9.8m and will be offset by the budgeted London weighting awards for 2017 to 2020 of £1.6m, and a provision of £6.2m raised in 2018/19.

Do doctors get London weighting?

If you are a doctor who has been employed by a London NHS Trust, you will be entitled to London weighting. A recent study conducted by the Trust for London estimates that the cost of living and working is 20% more expensive than the rest of the UK.

What is the average London salary weighting?

Currently, London Weighting averages under £4,000 and varies significantly across employees and different industries, with more paid in Inner London than Outer London; and more in finance, manufacturing and public sectors than retail or the not-for-profit sectors.

How much is London weighting per hour?

There are two rates to recognise the higher costs of living in London. The London Living Wage rate is £10.85 per hour and the rate for the rest of the UK is £9.50 per hour (from 09/11/2020). The Living Wage rate applies to all employees 18 years and over.

What is the London living allowance?

The London Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay, currently set at £10.85. It is calculated independently to reflect the high cost of living in the capital, giving a worker in London and their family enough to afford the essentials and to save.

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Can London weighting be removed?

One money advice site points out that: “Removing London Weighting from an employee’s wage would technically represent a change in the terms and conditions of their contract, unless there’s a specific term allowing the employer to make such a change.”

Why do teachers get paid more in London?

Teachers from outer London and the London fringe also earn slightly higher wages to compensate for the higher cost of living within London. Teachers who reside elsewhere in the UK receive the standard teacher salary.

Why are salaries higher in London?

That is simple as it was identified a long time ago that costs in London were higher in many sectors, particularly housing, so in order to attract staff they had to be better remunerated in order to attract and keep staff.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in London?

Living costs in London are spiralling out of control

The authors of a new report found that a single person living in outer London would need to earn at least £21,100 a year to be able to pay rent in a shared house and live comfortably, rising to £22,300 in inner London.

Do you get paid more in London?

Pay in London is much higher than any other part of the country. It pays to be a Londoner – there are more jobs available in the capital than in any other part of the UK, and the average annual wage is much higher. In fact, Londoners earn over £10,000 more (on average) than people in most cities.

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