You asked: Who scored most goals for England?

Rooney would end his international career with 53 goals, the current England record and one that only Kane, as the only active player in the current top 10 list, has a chance of bettering among the current crop of England players.

Who is England’s all time scorer?


# Player / Current club
1 Wayne Rooney Retired 53
2 Sir Bobby Charlton Retired 49
3 Gary Lineker Retired 46
4 Jimmy Greaves Retired 44

Who is England’s top goal scorer?

England’s top goalscorers

  • Wayne Rooney – 53.
  • Bobby Charlton – 49.
  • Gary Lineker – 48.
  • Jimmy Greaves – 44.
  • Michael Owen – 40.
  • Harry Kane – 38.


Who has scored the most World Cup goals for England?

Lineker is England’s top scoring player at the World Cup and won the Golden Boot with six goals in 1986, while he has ten overall.

Who scored the most goals in the World?

IFFHS Ranking

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Rank Player Total goals
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 783
2 Pelé 765
3 Romário 753
4 Lionel Messi 747

Who is Tottenham’s top goal scorer of all time?

Teddy Sheringham finished five seasons as Tottenham’s top scorer. Kane has been top scorer the last seven seasons.

Who is the highest goal scoring midfielder of all time?

Frank Lampard is the Premier League’s highest scoring midfielder of all time.

Who has scored the most Manchester United goals?

Players with most all-time goals for Manchester United 2020

Wayne Rooney tops the list of all-time goal-scorers for Manchester United, having scored 253 times in 559 appearances for the club. In second place is legendary player, Sir Bobby Charlton, who scored 249 times in 758 appearances.

Who is the most goal scorer in FIFA World Cup?

Overall top goalscorers

Rank Player Tournament(s)
1 Miroslav Klose 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014
2 Ronaldo [1994], 1998, 2002, 2006
3 Gerd Müller 1970, 1974
4 Just Fontaine 1958

Who is the youngest player to score for England?

Bellingham had already became the youngest-ever English player to start in Europe’s elite club competition (at 17 years and 113 days against Lazio last October) and the youngest English player to score in the competition (at 17 years and 289 days against Manchester City in April), as well as being voted the Bundesliga …

Who is the first goal scorer in the world?

Since the first goal scored by French player Lucien Laurent at the 1930 FIFA World Cup, more than 1,250 footballers have scored goals in the World Cup final tournaments, of whom just 97 have scored five or more. The top goalscorer of the inaugural competition was Argentina’s Guillermo Stábile with eight goals.

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Who is the richest football player in the world?

Neymar, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo lead the list of world richest footballers in 2021.

  • 8/ 15. …
  • 9/ 15. …
  • 10/ 15. …
  • 11/ 15. Gareth Bale – 145 Million USD.
  • 12/ 15. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 190 Million USD.
  • 13/ 15. Neymar – 200 Million USD.
  • 14/ 15. Lionel Messi – 400 Million USD.
  • 15/ 15. Cristiano Ronaldo – 500 Million USD.


Who is greatest footballer of all time?

Win or Lose, Lionel Messi is Still Greatest Footballer of All Time: Argentina Coach Ahead of Copa America Final Against Brazil. On Sunday, Lionel Messi once again has a chance to end his title drought with Argentina with the 2021 Copa America final against Brazil.

Who scored 700 goals?

Messi reached 700 career goals in just 861 appearances as he has scored 630 goals in 723 matches for Barcelona and 70 in 138 appearances for Argentina. Besides Messi, Portuguese playmaker Cristiano Ronaldo is the only active players to have reached 700 goals.

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