Is Virgin Mobile any good in UK?

Virgin Mobile has high customer satisfaction ratings, at least according to industry body Ofcom. The latest Ofcom ratingsfrom 2020 show 93% of its customers were satisfied with the service, in line with the sector average, and beaten only by Giffgaff with 95% satisfaction.

Is Virgin a good mobile network UK?

It offers a decent selection of tariff plans as well as data rollover and free messaging on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Its 22,000 Wi-Fi hotspots mean, in theory, you should be able to access the internet wherever you are, and because it uses the same infrastructure as EE, it has the widest 4G coverage in the UK.

Is Virgin Mobile UK closing down?

On 6 November 2019, it was announced that Virgin Mobile would end their 20-year contract with BT and EE, and would use Vodafone’s network from 2021, initially for five years.

Which carrier does Virgin Mobile use in the UK?

With EE and its MVNO customers, such as Virgin Mobile, enjoying the most 4G coverage in the UK, apprehensions have turned to whether Vodafone’s services will be able to support as many customers as EE is able to.

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Who Towers does Virgin Mobile use?

Virgin Mobile customers use Bell Mobility’s LTE, HSPA+ and CDMA networks. Previously, Virgin Mobile customers only had access to Bell’s CDMA network.

Is Virgin a good mobile provider?

Virgin Mobile has strong 4G coverage and some near-unique extras, like data rollover and free WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Messenger messaging. Its prices aren’t too high either, making it a strong overall choice of mobile network. With 5G too, plus unlimited data plans and Wi-Fi Calling, there’s a lot to like.

Is Virgin Mobile a good network?

Virgin Mobile is generally a good network that offers high speeds at a lower price than the premium options.

Is Virgin Mobile closing down?

In January 2020, Virgin Mobile announced that it would shut down, and transfer its remaining customers to its sister brand Boost Mobile the following month.

Is Virgin Mobile being phased out?

The Virgin Mobile USA service will be discontinued, and we are happy to announce that most of the existing Virgin Mobile customers will be transferred to our sister brand, Boost Mobile beginning in February.

Why are virgin shops closed?

VIRGIN Media has axed its 53 UK stores saying branches won’t reopen after lockdown. The stores first closed due to coronavirus back in March but the telecoms firm says it won’t reopen them once restrictions are lifted. … Virgin Media says these new permanent roles are at similar pay levels to shop floor staff.

Why is Virgin sending out new SIM cards?

Re: New sim

The SIM swap has been going on for some time. The new SIMs allow Virgin to control much more of the network than is possible with the old EE ones.

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Which network does Asda use?

Asda mobile has recently switched networks from EE to Vodafone. New customers who joined after 22nd March 2021 will automatically join our new network, but any existing customers will need to follow a few simple steps to move with us.

Who piggybacks off EE?

There are currently two MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) using EE’s network. These are BT Mobile and Plusnet Mobile.

Which is better Fido or Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile is also the best for customer service, but followed closely by Koodo and then Fido. Fido has the best extra features with 5 hours of unlimited data every month and Fido Xtras deals. WhistleOut helps you compare cell phone, plans, and prices.

Which network does virgin use?

Virgin now use the Vodafone network. While EE is owned by BT and own their own.

Will Virgin Mobile have 5G?

Already a Virgin Mobile customer? If you’ve already got an eligible mobile plan with us, we’ll upgrade you to 5G at no extra cost, as soon as it’s available. All you’ll need is a 5G-ready device you bought from us.

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