Which companies have headquarters in UK?

Which companies have their HQ in London?


  • HSBC.
  • Royal Dutch Shell.
  • BP.
  • Barclays.
  • Llyod TSB Group.
  • GlaxoSmithkline.
  • Aviva.
  • Unilever.


How many corporate headquarters are in London?

According to a 2018 Deloitte study, out of the 201 Fortune Global 500 companies that have a headquarters in Europe, 114 had located them in the UK, of which 111 were in London and the Wider South East.

What are the biggest UK companies?

Top UK companies

Company Market cap
1 Unilever (LSE:ULVR​​)​​​ £106.55bn
2 AstraZeneca (LSE:AZN​)​​ £99.26bn
3 HSBC (LSE:HSBA​)​ £89.95bn
4 Rio Tinto (LSE:RIO​) £76.79bn

Which Mncs belong to UK?

Multinational companies in the UK you have heard about!

2. Top companies in the UK by revenue

  • GlaxoSmithKline. …
  • Vodafone. …
  • Legal & General. …
  • Unilever. …
  • Aviva. …
  • HSBC Holdings. …
  • Tesco. …
  • Prudential Public Limited Company.


What is the richest company in the UK?

2020 Forbes list

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Rank Forbes 2000 rank Name
1 44 HSBC
2 91 British American Tobacco
3 97 GlaxoSmithKline
4 114 Rio Tinto Group

What is the best company in London?

Amazon beats popular UK brands in LinkedIn’s latest ranking for best place to work in Britain

  1. Amazon. Global headcount: 560,000+
  2. JP Morgan Chase & Co. Global headcount: 250,000+ …
  3. Sainsbury’s. Global headcount: 195,000+ …
  4. GSK. Global headcount: 100,000. …
  5. Bupa. Global headcount: 80,000+ …
  6. JLL. Global headcount: 90,000. …
  7. Barclays. …
  8. BP. …


Who is Britain’s largest employer?

Currently Tesco and Compass Group are the largest plc employers.

What is the most successful company in the UK?

  • Unilever (£113.85 billion) …
  • AstraZeneca (£104.73 billion) …
  • BHP Group (£99.06 billion) …
  • HSBC Holdings (£81.20 billion) …
  • GlaxoSmithKline (£69.24 billion) …
  • Diageo (£67.89 billion) …
  • British American Tobacco (£61.61 billion) …
  • BP (£55.56 billion)

What is the richest company in the world?

1. Apple (AAPL) Market Cap: 943.57B. The richest company in the world today is Apple. Americans were thrilled when the announcement was made in August of 2018, that Apple had exceeded a market cap of a trillion dollars.

What is the fastest growing company in the UK?

The UK’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2021

Rank Company Name Turnover (2020)
1 The Ralph £4.56m
2 Panaseer £2.39m
3 Yumi Nutrition £471k
4 AllBright £2.81m

What is the biggest market in the UK?

European Single Market still the UK’s biggest market

As of 2020, the European Single Market remains the largest trade partner for the United Kingdom, with around half of UK exports going there, and almost 60 percent of UK imports originating there.

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What is the oldest company in England?

The Royal Mint is the oldest company in the UK and is over 1,100 years old.

Which company has the highest turnover in the UK?

BP had by far the highest annual revenue of all companies based in the United Kingdom in 2020, at approximately 282 billion U.S. dollars. The British bank HSBC had the second highest annual revenue at 98.67 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Prudential which had a revenue of 93 billion U.S. dollars.

What companies are Plc in the UK?

The following companies are included in the list:

  • Amcor Plc.
  • Anglo American Plc.
  • Antofagasta Plc.
  • Ashtead Group Plc.
  • Associated British Foods Plc.
  • AstraZeneca Plc.
  • Aviva Plc.
  • Babcock International Group Plc.

Which is biggest company in world?

The Top 100, Ranked

Rank Company name Market Capitalization
Foggy Albion